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Today during 3rd hour I had a chance to listen to Tyehimba Jess speak, and I was very intruigued by the precision of the words in his sonnets, as they perfectly fit the story he was telling, and they could be read in numerous different ways. I thought it was really cool how he could make all the lines flow together, so all the different poems could be read as one. I also thought the idea of the crown poem was cool, too. It was pretty impressive that he thought out everything down to the shape of the poems, to make them perfect, even if it took a long time.

I watched the eighth hour performance, and I was blown away by the range of tone and subject that people talked about. It was obvious that every had a lot of passion for what they were talking about- um... they all stood out to me in their own right. I think the one I related the most to was Sarah's- it was hilarious and on-point because while being from a different culture does give you a lot of comedic material, there's also a lot of truth and emotion that can come from that too. Uh- I liked the speech about the cookie break because 1) baked goods are great and 2) yeah, it is important to take a break once in a while- I think we all forget that sometimes. The more serious discussions stuck with me in a way that is harder to put into words, but it's just so cool how they were able to get up there and speak about something like that. It's the personification of "inspire". 

I had the pleasure of attending the 8th period performance today. One piece that especially stood out to me was Ellyce Wong's confrontation on society's hypocritical tendencies. I feel it did not receive the full amount of praise it deserved, but I am quite glad that someone was able to bring this up in such an artistic way. Her annoyance at a society that purposefully contradicts itself to confuse the masses is understandable, founded, and shared by many. I was very impressed with her delivery as well, overall it was a very well done set of work, but Ellyce's work really stood out to me.

Thanks for your thoughtful response to Ellyce's piece. I thought it was important as well!

I enjoyed listening to the different students and the stories they had to tell during 8th period. It ranged from anxiety to school. I really enjoyed Ellyce's story about expectations and Sarah's story about her name because I could relate to them both. I feel like all high schoolers understand the pressure we get that's pushing at us from both sides- the pressure that's saying that there's a single way be and a single way to act. Listening to other students is always interesting because we get to hear about things that we as high schoolers can relate to.
2nd and 3rd hour of Writers week day 3 was absolutely heartbreaking when Tyehimba Jess presented his poems in his book Olio. He explained the poems as if he was explainging to the audience for the twins that were trapped within their skin and how they could not be separated. We had the greatest opportunity to listen about the hard lives of the African Americans in the 19th century...
First period with A.J Pine was quite a wonderful experience. I never really understood how a book was actually published, but I learned the steps today when she went over the long process from first draft to final publishing. I also learned how it was important to have a unique writing style, as she was told by agents that they did not want the next Divergent nor Hunger Games, they wanted a unique piece from a unique author. I think this relates back to writing an essay in school and how teachers tell students that they should use their own voice because otherwise it won't be unique and doesn't engage the reader. It was really interesting to see how a person can become an author and how that can shape their life.
Today was interesting. We had a lot of student speakers (all student speaker actually) that spoke about a lot of cool things. Sarah spoke about how she experienced racism in her life, 2 others spoke about self harm as a mental illness instead of a feeling (again, perspective), and others told really cool stories that they submitted as college essays. Today was interesting and really cool!
In first period, A.J.Pine shared her insight on the writing world an what it means to be an author, along with how to get there. She gave a realistic approach on a public figure like herself, and I could really understand her struggle with getting where she is today.
I was fortunate enough to see A.J. Pine this morning during first period. Her advice about writing and her experiences of becoming an author helped me to understand more about what writers do and the path toward becoming one. Her thoughts and experiences helped me to see not only how to become a writer as a career, but how to become a better writer now.
I was able to see A.J. Pine first period and it was very educational on what writers go through and how much effort they really have to put in to their work and just how much they have to work to even get it through an agent.
8th period was very interesting to see each student perform their personal piece. Each piece showed the audience who each author was on the inside. I really enjoyed the poem by Ellyce Wong because I could relate to it very much. She was basically saying that some people tell you that you have to be one thing while other people tell you you have to be a completely opposite thing. In the end all that really matters is that you stay true to yourself and not try to be anything or anyone you're not.


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