Here is the schedule for Wednesday, February 8, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Wednesday of Writers Week XXIII!

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During 3rd hour, I liked how Tyehimba Jess showed the cruelty on the conjoined twins and how the twins overcame this adversity and resonated their voices. He also used a beautiful format when read his sonnets in many different ways and created the shape of the poem to display both of the girls voices, separate and together.

I thought AJ Pine's presentation was very interesting. She talked about how as an author you can get rejected multiple times before anything good happens. I also learned that the process of publishing, or even getting a publisher can be difficult an many hopeful authors will never publish anything. This made me gain a lot of respect for authors, in regards to their perseverance.

third hours Tyehimba Jess was really incredible. the time it took to write such complicatedly formated poems, and with the drive in his voice to read them, it was truly awe inspiring. it was definitely one of my favorites this week 

Hearing about how AJ Pine originally wanted to pursue a writing career in the dystopian genre, and then later switched to romance was very interesting to me. It showed that sometimes we change our minds and decide to do something else, something we never expected. She though that romance novels were not interesting and lame, and then became a romance writer herself. This reinforced my opinion that writing is limitless, and there will always be unexplored opportunities and exciting things happening
On day three of writers week, all of the 8th period presenters were great. They were all interesting and entertaining, as well as well thought out. I was expecting stories and poems that were random and just entertaining, but a lot of the stories went deeper than I expected which was a nice surprise. I especially appreciated how the authors of the stories and poems made them humorous even though their topics were very serious.
8th hour student talent was crazy. I enjoyed every single piece. One of my favorite performances was Ellyce Wong's. Her poem was about people telling you one thing and then contradicting that idea later. She talked about how she got confused with what they expected of her. She helped show the importance of being yourself and knowing what's best for you. I was able to relate to her poem because there was a time when everyone was telling me different ways to handle the situation. I made the choice I thought would be right for me and I learned a lot from the experience. Ellyce conveyed all the emotions with her poem and she executed it wonderfully.
During eight period on day 3 I heard the pieces of other students. I thoroughly enjoyed how these students were able to transform their own personal experiences, both good and bad, and shape them into meaningful pieces of literature. Each speaker had a very clear message they wanted to convey and did so effectively. It was very impressing to watch students of all ages share such personal stories, and look forward to hearing more students in the future years of Writers Week.
All eight students pieces were very good. I thought they did really well considering for a few of them who spoke in front of hundreds of people for the first time. So of the pieces I was able to relate to such as Sharbiks and Ellyce Wong. Overall great performance by all eight students and I can't wait to see what will happen tomorrow.
I really enjoyed how AJ Pine discussed her journey with the audience. She explained how the life of the writer isn't as glamourous as most people think of it, but that it takes lots of patience and dedication to get yourself where you want to be. I think I can say on behalf of everyone in the auditorium, she taught all of us that working hard towards your goals, pays off in the end.

Tyehimba Jess shared a couple of his poems from Olio that had a unique format. The lines in the poem were able to be read basically in any direction or order and still make sense.  Jess was able to use this format to explain the story of conjoined twins and it gave the listeners inspiration on how to write their own poem in that format. 

Today, for the first time I saw how intricate a poem can be. Tyehimba Jess showed this with the syncopated poems he read. Plus, the story they told was very powerful. So far he was my most favorite performer because of how passionate he was.

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