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First hour with A.J. Pine was quite insightful. Instead of talking directly about a certain novel or piece of writing, she spent her time describing her journey. We had the opportunity to see writing from the perspective of the author- how she started from the bottom, worked hard to gain popularity, and through multiple efforts finally succeeded in selling her books regularly.
AJ Pine taught me a lot about being a writer that I never thought of. Today was very insightful about writing and being an author. It's really cool how being an author has given her the opportunity to meet so many cool people.
Today I was blown away by Tyehimba Jess' performance. His work in the sonnets and the way he wrote each individual poem with a certain twist on the topic was so unique that couldn't stop listening to him, and had drawn me in so much, that I am convinced that my life will not be full unless I buy his book, Olio. He has been my favorite presenter, so far, and I still can't get the impact his words said to me. Just Speechless. My favorite phrase he said about poetry was "Its about taking the smallest amount of words, and putting the most amount of meaning to them". I will never forget this quote by him.
AJ Pine's presentation about how one goes about publishing a book was interesting, because she talked bout how her first book was rejected multiple times, but she never gave up, and now, has many books published. It showed me how even though you may fail, you should not let that discourage you while doing what you love, because you can only get better. I also really enjoyed the drummer, who was performing before AJ Pine was up, his rhythm was incredible and he has a load of talent.

I think this idea of persistence is good for any profession, right? Nothing worth doing comes easy, so it's important to continually work to improve and not let setbacks get you down.

Today author AJ Pine told us about how she became an author. I learned about how her first published book wasn't the first book she's ever written. She told us about revising books and how she uses twitter to promote her books.
3rd period taught me a lot about sonnets and I learned that it takes a long time to write a masterpiece that uses the least amount of words to make up a beautiful story. I liked how this poet annunciated every first line when he read the poem, I felt the passion he had towards the subject.
I loved third hour with Tyehimba Jess. His poems were really amazing and I loved the stories behind them. I also loved how the poems about the conjoined twins were in a form that told their story with some lines told by one sister or the other and some lines told by them together. This experience taught me to play with the shape of my poem.
8th period, day three of Writers Week was interesting. The stories and poems shared by the students range s from inspirational, to comical, even informational. The one I enjoyed the most was Sarah Yoon's, her experiences with being treated differently because she's korean similar to mine. However, while presenting her views on the issue, she was able to put a comical twist on the subject, not only enhancing the enjoyment of the story, but also further conveying the overall message of being proud of who you are.

There were a lot of great pieces this year, and I think you're reflecting on one of them here. Thanks for your thoughts about this, Ryan!

It was so cool today to see other students performing their own work during 8th period. Each piece was different in its own way and expressed each writer for who they are on the inside. I especially liked Ellyce Wongs performance because I was able to relate to it a lot. She really struck home when she was talking about how everyone expects something different of you and it gets jumbled up into one big mess. But, at the end of the day, you have to be true to yourself and follow your own dreams and aspirations, not what someone else dreams for you.

It was fascinating to hear what writing means from someone who takes a profession in it. The struggles AJ Pines dealt with and mentioned to us today about finding a publisher and all of the other difficulties, really acknowledged how complicated the process can be. AJ Pine's persistence amazes me and I will continue to cheer her on!


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