Here is the schedule for Tuesday, February 7, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Tuesday of Writers Week XXIII!

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Writers week was really interesting today, the faculty member's pieces from first period were very unique. I liked how each piece had to do with their personal experiences, and what they learned from these experiences, and how these affected them. This made their pieces reflective of them, and not just a general story, which made me enjoy them more.
In the second day of writer's Week, what caught my attention was Ms. Siever's story about her health conditions. It inspired me- even though we're burdened by limitations we cannot change, we can still change our attitude and how we respond. People can still work to achieve their goals, no matter the background.

And I really liked the idea that we all have our "thing" that we are working on, and it might be invisible to everyone else. I'm glad you were able to see this period, Miguel!

Listening to the faculty's stories was entertaining and reflected on different ideas that were great to hear about. So far I am enjoying writers week and am hoping to enjoy the rest of the events.
Today was a really special day to see the faculty teachers tell their stories and be able to express their feelings. I really got to know about the different members and the events they experienced throughout their personal life and and career.
During 3rd hour, a performance that really interested me was by Natalie Connors. Even though I have an older sibling like her, I never felt the need to live up to expectations. However, I connected to the stress of being the perfect student. She inspired me to be myself and do what makes me happy.
I thought today a lot of pieces talked about our own selves. They exploited a lot into the topic we all have of insecurities or what we do to hide those or look cool. Many showed personal experiences where ultimately letting our insecurities and emotions get to us never turn out better for the future.
Natalie's piece about having an older sibling to live up to was one that I connected with very deeply. As a younger sister of a brother that worked very hard, i understood what she meant describing the stress. Her piece was a bit of a wake up call; showing that it's ok not to be your siblings.
Something that I saw during third period today was also that many people drew from personal experience and used it to strengthen their viewpoints. Although some were sad, they brought light into their work through small pieces of humor throughout. Even those who did not draw from personal experience used things that were relative to many people to make it more relatable.
Listening to the students present during 3rd hour was very eye-opening as they gave great advice and showed me that each and every person has a story to tell; but themes of loneliness and wanting to be better were universal, so was the theme of accepting oneself.
After listening to a professional writer then to the staff, I do notice some differences, however it gave me a better understanding of what writing means for a variety of people. It was interesting to hear the faculty's view of writing based on their past experiences and conditions and helped me to realize how writing is special in a unique way to everybody.

I love how Hancine (3rd hour) described anxiety by comparing to a cage and shadows. I love hearing similes and metaphors that better help me understand how someone views a situation they are in. I continue to be blown away by the honesty and bravery students display as they read their work. 


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