Here is the schedule for Tuesday, February 7, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Tuesday of Writers Week XXIII!

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I was fortunate to start off my day in writers week and it was amazing. Watching the faculty members share a part of their own lives was very interesting to see and I learned a lot. Ms. Sievers story was great because she explained how even though her condition affects her life in many difficult ways, she still doesn't let it stop her from doing what she loves. Her message that she conveyed was very inspiring and an important reminder.

Writer's Week is continuing to be awesome, and I loved the faculty's work today. I liked how there were a variety of moods to the faculty pieces- Mr. Dawson's was pretty funny and lighthearted, even though it was about a murder trial; Mrs. Elridge's was heartbreaking and emotional; and Mrs. Han's was somewhere in between. I loved the lessons that they worked into their respective stories, and I admire that they were able to stand up there and pretty much bare a piece of their lives. That's something that I want to work up to. 

I really liked the format of Mrs. Han's piece--Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. She did such a great job of taking small moments and showing how they are important to who she is. This was a great model for all the student writers in the audience. Thanks for your thoughts here, Cindy!

Writers Week continues to amaze me, with excellent student pieces during 5th, and 7th periods. Also, the teachers who shared 8th period on their different views was very impacting to the audience, Ms. Eldridge even crying in front of the audience to emphasis her message, that it's ok to show emotion, and cry sometimes.

Mrs. Siever's story during first period was a good reminder of the struggles we all face on the inside. Externally, we may seem like we are doing well with our lives and we are happy and problem-free, but we all face struggles every day. I loved when she was talking about how we are all dependent on each other; we need other people to help us through these struggles. I think that's a really powerful message. Though we may not even see how we are helping each other, we are. We help and we are helped. This piece changed the way I think about other people and myself.

Yes! I hope this piece encouraged students to see others from a different perspective, and even though are problems or struggles may be different, we are all dealing with something. We all need to be there for each other. There's strength in that. Thanks for your thoughts, Denise!

I went to Writers Week during my lunch hour (7th period)and absolutely enjoyed Brian's piece about his childhood crush on his babysitter. I loved how he used comedic references and sarcasm to entertain the audience. What really stock out to me about his piece was the overlying message that you should always try with all your heart, so at least when things don't work out, you know you tried your hardest and gave your 100%. Brian's piece really lifted the mood of everyone in the audiotorium today, including mine.

I LOVED this piece. So well done. I'm glad you were able to see it, Val!

Today at writers week, I really like the message that Matthew said during his speech was inspiring. It told me  Overall, these speeches were lighter than the previous day, but they were just as passionate as the ones before. Each one of the speakers had a different perspective and story which made me stay engage in the writing and made me enjoy it more.

Today was another awesome day of Writer's Week. I had the opportunity to view faculty members perform a few entertaining pieces of writing. I really enjoyed how the first presenter, Mr. Dawson incorporated a lot of humor into his piece. It added a lot of effect to his piece, helped develop and convey his tone, character, and made the whole story more enjoyable to watch. I really relished his performance. Mrs. Eldridge's story was one that especially got to my heart. She was able to share a very personal and melancholic story, one that was really touching and moving. Her voice expressed her feelings perfectly, and it made the story surreal. It's a story that I believe could be thought of as universal because it could happen to absolutely anyone. I learned it's better to say things such as "I love you," and express my love for my loved ones now, rather than regretting it later when they are no longer here. It was a stunning performance which helped enhance the way I view my mother. Mrs. Han's story was also an unbelievably fascinating one. She taught me to never take anything for granted, and that persevering through tough times will always lead to light. 

I liked Ms. Siever's presentation first period because it showed me that even teachers can struggle with things in their personal life, and the students would never know. That's why students should be nice to their teachers because you never know what could be going on in their life.

the students pieces were pretty similar to yesterdays. alot of people explaining their problems and self pick-me-ups. im happy for the speakers, doing sharing personal stuff like that to an audience isnt easy, but someone walking in with a genuinely posittive outlook on life would be a nice change of pace 


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