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My favorite one today was from 7th period. It was a story called Milk which was written by a student, and it was funny to hear it. This comedic story contrasted greatly with the one in 8th period (the one with the death). Both of these stories have messages behind them, although they were shown in two very different feelings. It's interesting to see how people learn different things through different emotions.

This is the great thing about Writers Week--we get to see so many different types of writing. I think both the comedy and gravity of the pieces displayed are so, so important for other writers to see. I'm glad you're noticing this juxtaposition, and I hope you're taking away as much as I am!

A lot of student pieces I heard today during 3rd hour came from their own personal experiences, but the ones that stuck with me the most were the ones about older sibilings. I liked how while the pieces were approached from different directions, one about missing her sister and the other about living up to her sister, both were very easy for the audience to connect with. I also liked all the sensory images provided for imagery.
Today I had the pleasure of seeing the faculty perform their pieces 8th hour. I loved Mr. Dawson's use of humor when talking about one of the jurors named Dona. The humor really helped to develop her character. Mrs. Han's piece I also enjoyed. She told us that nothing is embarrassing unless you make it embarrassing. I get embarrassed very easily so I connected to this and the other aspects of her encyclopedia entries. Mrs. Eldridge had a great story as well. Through her writing I felt as if I was there when her brother told her the news. Also she told us that crying doesn't make you weak. I thought this was a powerful line because I agree. Crying and showing your feelings only lets people around you know the love you have for others. Crying lets those around you connect to you on a personal level and that is one reason why I loved her piece. It was definitely interesting to hear all the faculty pieces, they were wonderful.

I'm glad you were able to take something away from all three of these stories, and I love how you include some specifics in your reflection here. Thanks for your thoughts here, Abby!

Today in 3rd Hour the stories were awesome. Natalie and Matthew were my favorites were the stories talking about making your own decisions and living your own life instead of following the path of another's. Writers Week is awesome and I wish it could be everyday.

Today in Writers Week, Ms. Eldridge's piece really got to my heart. She shared a very personal and sad story that could happen to anyone at anytime which can catch many off guard. I learned from her that its ok to go through grief and its good to say "I love you" to people you care about so that you won't regret not saying it when you don't have the chance to tell hem anymore. Truly such an amazing performance that brought tears to my eyes.

This piece was really important to me, too. I like that you pulled out the idea about grief being OK. I think it's important for all of us to understand that it's important to embrace some of the more difficult emotions in our lives, and sometimes that helps us move forward. Thanks, Josie!

What really inspired me at Writers Week today was listening to Ms. Eldridge's story about her mother. It reminds me about the little things in life we often take for granted and to always appreciate what our parents do for us

Today was another great day of Writer's Week. I learned a lot of valuable lessons today. Here a few:

-Be yourself and don't be scared of what others think of you
-Don't compare yourself with siblings
-You can depend on teammates or classmates in extracurricular activities.

I also loved how funny some of the stories were. It captured the attention of the audience as well as made these stories entertaining.
3rd period speakers were awesome! They really reflected on self-confidence, and how it's ok to be yourself. It definitely left me with some thoughts about how I view others and myself.
Today Ms. Eldridge's story from 8th period really brought tears to my eyes. Her emotions that came out during the performance showed me how much regret and guilt she felt from something she did that a lot of teenagers do. To get to know her mom better. The way she explained how she felt after she got the news and what she wished she did really got me thinking about my mother and how much she really does for our family. I loved the message she conveyed from her story.


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