Here is the schedule for Tuesday, February 7, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Tuesday of Writers Week XXIII!

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Day 2 of writers week switched it up with having actual faculty members speak for us. Mr. Dawson's story was interesting because when my parents have to go to jury duty, they complain about the same things. His description of the other jury members on the case he had to work with was funny. Mrs. Eldridge's piece was very touching and sad but, it portrayed a great message that made me think about my family. Mrs. Han's story about her most embarrassing moments was also funny and made me reflect on some of my most embarrassing moments.
Through today's presentations, one really stood out to me and made me think. Matthew Gumularz spoke to me in a way that none of the other poems did. When Matthew read his poem aloud, he stated a whole bunch of problems going on in his life. It stood out to me because I could relate to most of what he was saying, and could feel empathy for what he was going through. On an unrelated note Without bias, his name is pretty cool.
I went with my first period class to see teachers and faculty, who shared their life story, including the business teacher, Brittany Sievers. She talked about when she was a little kid and she was diagnosed with OCD, which explained why she couldn't leave a room until the clock hit an even number. I thought this was very interesting to learn about.
Seeing Mabelle Zhang talk about dance and what her story is. Was so amazing. I dance with her and I now know what her story is. I knew she had some type of back problems and she tried to stop herself from dancing but she never did. And now she is stuck. She can't dance and she made her back is worse. She has been out all year but she is slowly coming back. And i can't wait for her to be back full time.
This was the second day of writers week and an during first period, faculty members were presenting. A story that stood out to me was Ms. Sievers story about how she dealt with OCD and how she continues to deal with it now. This made me think about how I dealt with problems in my own life.
Writers week just keeps on getting better. I really liked how during first period, the teachers shared something personal. It helped me understand that even though you may not be famous writer or poets, you can still write a great story. I also liked Brian Rosenwinke's performance. I made me laugh so hard.
I went with my first period class to see the faculty members share personal stories about their lives, and none of them were boring. Each one had little snarky comments or sarcasm in them that made it fun to listen to. My favorite was Ms. Sievers, because I find OCD very interesting. It's very different, and something I'll never understand, having to do something over and over again or it'll bug you all day. That's definitely why it caught my attention.
The story that Mr. Dawson presented was my favorite, mostly for its humor and its retelling of a frustrating and annoying situation and presenting the comedy that can be derived. Mrs. Eldridge's piece was very sad and mournful, but was getting across the point that even what is closest to us and seems immortal can very easily disappear. And Mrs. Han's piece was something that truly made me reflect on the funny, yet embarrassing things in life that we need to embrace to become who we truly are.
I really enjoyed Natalie Conners piece about living up to her older sisters expectations. What really stuck out to me was when she mentioned walking past her sisters hung up picture everyday in school. I thought a really strong point in her reading was when she described letting go of all the pain and stress, and just trying to live the life she wanted.


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