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When hearing two or three pieces about the student's future during my third hour, it also made me think of my own. The poems that were recited gave me chills and realization towards my future as well. Day two of writers week was another amazing day full of more inspiration.
Although everybody was wonderful and did a fantastic job, the one that really caught my attention was the performance by Natalie Connors. I am the oldest child in the family and I really feel like I should take the pressure off of my younger sibling after listening to the younger siblings' perspective. Natalie really inspired me to become a better brother and help out my younger sibling
I liked how the first presenter talked about her insecurities and her secrets. It must be really hard to go up there and speak about your insecurities.
On the second day of Writers Week I listened to the experiences of three faculty members and how those experiences shaped who they were in one way or another. All three performances were highly unique, and whether I was listening to Mr. Dawson's time on jury duty, Mrs. Eldridge's recovery after the loss of her mother, or Mrs. Han's basketball bruise I found myself becoming more and more connected to the teachers of Fremd. Hearing their hardships allowed me to realize that, while they are educators, they are also people.
The faculty reading at writers week day 2 had shared very interesting stories that I enjoyed very much. Mr. Dawson's story was very interesting to hear about, because it's not very often that you hear someone talk about a murdeer trial. I especially enjoyed the part about how everyone on the jury was so different, because it gave me a new perspective on life, as I'm usually surrounded with people my own age at around the same level of thinking as me.
Today was another great day filled with more student performances. My favorite performance today was the girl that described her desire to live up to her older sister's academic success. I think this is very relatable to me, because I often pressure myself to do well in school. I particularly enjoyed this performance because she admitted that she is different from her sister, and that she values social interaction and involvement more than her academics. Sometimes I feel like I need to remind myself of this, since I tend to stress myself out. I am looking forward to seeing some professional authors and poets perform the rest of the week.
All three pieces today were great in different ways. They touched different themes such as teamwork and death and darkness. All the faculty made me think about these themes in a different way, such as jury duty. I had always thought of jury duty as boring and long, but not until today have I seen all the hard work and importance of jury duty. I thank all the teachers that shared their pieces today, they were funny, interesting and inspiring.
What really stuck out to me on Tuesday was when Ms. Siever explained her OCD problem. That is an issue that most people like to keep to themselves and sharing it with an entire high school does not seem like an easy thing to do. It opened me up to different problems that different people face everyday.
I think that the staff pieces began fairly light heartedly, and I liked that. The second piece, about how the author's mother died, that was not quite as enjoyable. Even though it was very well written, it was depressing and uncomfortable to watch someone cry about something so personal up on stage. I did very much like the last piece though. I feel like all of us need to take a step back and laugh at ourselves, and that piece helped us do that. I also attended the 7th period show and I just feel that it's extremely important to mention that the piece "Milk" by Brian Rosenwinkle was probably one of the funniest stories I've heard yet.
It was interesting to hear teachers speak and see how their views differ from those of the students. They shared personal experiences and difficulties that they have gone through in their lives, which helped me realize how our lives can change and how everyone deals with change differently. I thought that all of the teachers hit home with some very important points and communicated messages that young people could relate to.
The presentations first hour today were really different from Mary Fons on Monday, but still really interesting and powerful. Brittany Sievers's piece about her mental health was really enlightening, and her message of everyone has struggles and we need each other to get through them is what really stayed with me.
I enjoyed writer's week day 2 the best so far. I saw Brian Rosenwinkel talk today in seventh period and this guy really made my Tuesday a lot better. Although I loved the motivational and meaningful writings from all the students, Brian's humorous writing about his first crush on his babysitter at age six, had not only me, but all the audience laughing from the start to the end of his piece.


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