Here is the schedule for Monday, February 6, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Monday of Writers Week XXIII!

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I love listening to Rebecca Makkai talk about writing because she is so smart. She thinks about things that are both insightful and appropriate for amateur and professional writers alike. I think you would enjoy her short stories, and I'm glad that you were able to take away some good advice. Enjoy the rest of the week!

I have seen many student writers today, and I was amazed at all of the work. Every period that I was able to attend Writer's Week, I laughed at halarious pieces, was entranced by deeply philosophical metaphors (the comparison between love and salt) and was moved to tears by Sumin Cho's memoir of her grandmother. But most of all, I was stunned by the honesty that all of the writers put into their work and shared with the school. They talked about their triumphs and defeats, their imperfections and how they overcame themselves; Writer's Week is a big Fremd event that has a lot of expectations to live up to--and live up to them they did.

The love and salt ideas was so cool! I think abstract comparisons are so interesting to read because it helps you see into how someone's mind works.

Writers week so far has been really inspirational and motivating. Today during 8th period, I saw Taylor Mali perform several of his poems and I was amazed on how naturally he's able to just talk without any hesitation. Most of the time I found myself confused if he's actually reading from a poem or just speaking about his life. I also enjoy his enthusiasm and his choice of tone while reading the poems

I'm glad he mentioned that this takes a lot (A LOT) of practice--that confidence and persona. That's an important message for students who might be nervous about getting up on stage--everyone is nervous, and it's okay. The more you practice, the more comfortable you'll feel.

I hope you enjoy the rest of Writers Week!

So far, Writer's Week has gotten off to a fantastic start. I was privileged to watch Taylor Mali recite many beautiful. meaningful, and entertaining poems. His voice was extremely unique, and at points in time I could not tell whether he was reciting a poem, or just generally speaking. He warned us this would happen, so I didn't expect his ability to be so stunning. However, it still was. His last poem, "The Impotence of Proofreading," left me gasping for air. It was absolutely hilarious, and a great experience to watch. It was a very keen, and was a brilliant way of ending his presentation. It was my favorite poem of the night. Oh, and did I mention his baby voice was on point, and was very real. I thought it was electronically being made, but it was actually him doing it and I loved it. Taylor Mali's ability to keep the crowd focused and entertained is truly inspirational, and I hope one day I will reach his heights. "My Deepest Condiments," particularly caught my attention because it taught me the lesson that even though life can get bleak, there are always ways of remaining happy and laughing. At last, listening to Taylor Mali perform was a great privilege I've had and I truly enjoyed it.

His last poem was definitely . . . something. Taylor is amazing, and I'm glad you were able to see him perform. There aren't many like him, so enjoy it!

I had the pleasure of seeing Mary Fons today in this cool thing called Writers Week, and I thought it was spectacular. Fons was clear with the fact that writing wasn't just a passion, it was literally her life, and something about that I thought was incredible.

Consume your art, right? Whether it's writing or not, if you want to be good at something, immerse yourself in it. Just be aware of the pitfalls when you write five blogs about someone :)

Well, everything that I've heard about how amazing Writers Week is certainly true. I went to see Taylor Mali in my 8th period class and he wasn't incredible. At some points I had no idea whether he was reciting a poem or just talking out loud. His loud voice captivated the audience which I found very interesting. He gave some really good advice to us saying that sometimes you just have to get all of the bad poems out of your system before you get to the good ones. He said that the only way to know if they were bad was to go through with writing them. I found this very helpful because sometimes I'm hesitant to start a poem because I don't always know how it will turn out. Overall it was a great experience and I am really looking forward to the rest of Writers Week!

I think Taylor is exactly right--sometimes you have to get through all the . . . muck . . . to get to what you really want to say. As a writer, this is definitely a pain and time consuming but worth it in the end. Remember that moving forward. I'm glad you're excited about the rest of the week. It should be good!

I went to watch writers speak during 3rd and 8th period. I got to see student speakers and Taylor Mali perform their writing. The students were great and I liked how their writing had so much emotion in it. All the students definitely wrote some captivating pieces, and their courage inspires me to write something so I can present at Writers Week next year. Taylor Mali was absolutely phenomenal. He made speaking in front of such a large fathering a piece of cake. I like how his poetry is mainly written from personal experiences. That's why his poetry is so good. His performance was a great kickoff to Writers Week. I can't wait for the rest of the week!


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