Here is the schedule for Monday, February 6, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Monday of Writers Week XXIII!

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I saw Mary Fons first hour and loved it. Not only is she hilarious, I also learned a lot about being a writer and how that can mean so many different things. Her presentation at the start of the period was really interesting and one line that stuck with me was "To be a writer is to burn on paper". I think I finally get all the hype around Writers Week, and I can't wait to see more.
Yesterday my favorite piece was the one where the boy was talking about anxiety. I liked it because instead of informing us on it, which we have gotten enough information about it, he ws telling us what it's like to be an anxious person and that it's an actual chemical brain misbalance. I thought his comparison with diabetes that he used throughout the pice was a perfect example. And it really changed my look on anxious people.
I got to see some of my peers present thoughtful experiences with friendship that I could relate to very well. I can't believe Writer's Week 23 is ending tomorrow, and I have had a great experience. I would like to submit and present next year. It was fun to hear stories about the presenters procrastinating to make their submissions to Writer's Week.
I saw a highschool student perform a song today. I liked a change in art. After hearing poems all day it was nice to see something different. Also her voice was very clear so we could all understand the lyrics and what she was talking about, unlike songs on the radio where you have no idea what they are singing about.
I honestly wasn't expecting too much from writer's week on day 1 since it was my first experience of FHS's writer's week, but I was very surprised and inspired by all the amazingly written stories and poems from the all the students. From day 1 , I really remember the two girls that courageously spoke out and stood up for their illnesses.
I was actually really excited to see Taylor Mali because from the videos I watched in class of him, he seems very passionate and insightful whenever he speaks. Today, he did not disappoint. When he spoke, he spoke with such power and he kept my focus and interest for the whole period without me spacing out. His last poem in particular was especially memorable. It was childish, extremely dirty, and hilarious.
The writers on the first day really impressed me. Having it be my first time at writers week, like all other freshman, it really surprised me about how organized and prepared it was. The pieces as a whole touched upon harder topics, which really showed courage. The first day really made me want to come back another time, and left me in suspense for what was to come.
Writer's Week Day 5 was special, not only because it is the final day, but also because it was Avery musical day. I love music and writing, but seeing them come together is amazing. Hearing the kid play the piano before the program was good, but seeing Kevin Prchal perform his songs was really relaxing. His songs are like poems in writing, and they have great messages. My favorite song was Faded Island. I'm so sad that writer's Week 23 is over, but I'm ready for WWXXIV!
I went with my first period class to see Mary Fons, who was an amazing and hilarious speaker. She shared a very interesting, but personal story about her meeting the "receiving room guy", who's name was Mariano. Before she shared this story, she explained the importance of story telling and the difference between that and an anecdote.
Friday I got to see the Kickback perform, they really surprised me. After listening to them and after hearing the lead singer say "I'm not a great musician" multiple times. I walked out of the auditorium thinking that you don't have to be all that great at music to start a band and become famous. Maybe I'm wrong but with some of the songs on the radio that are popular at the moment don't sound that difficult to make. I'm not saying all songs I'm just saying some.
Mary fons was unbelievable. She's so good at capturing the audience with her story. It was very unique and I never expected anyone to have that in life. I can't wait to read some of her blogs. This was a great way to start off my first writers week at Fremd. Can't wait for more to come.

On the first day of Writers Week, I didn't know what to expect with this. But Mary Fons has made my expectations only higher because she was so interesting! Her ode to the ocean and her silly lemon poem made me reflect on other things we all see or think about one way but it takes the courage for someone else to see it another way and write about it. Her receiving room guy story with Mariano made me laugh and Mary Fons truly is an unique, spectacular poet, blogger, and quilter.


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