Here is the schedule for Monday, February 6, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Monday of Writers Week XXIII!

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I don't remember the speakers name or the title for her piece. But, her message stuck with me. She was speaking about her mothers death and how she reacted. Although I am at a young age and many of the listeners were too, as we get older we will sadly at some point need to deal with the death of a loved one. And what she was trying to say is that when this does happen, it is okay to cry and show emotion because it shows you really care.
Writer's Week Day Two was phenomenal. Hearing student presenters express their story really opened my eyes about the world, especially the girl who presented about having a Muslim background. These students inspire me to submit next year. I am so thankful my gym teacher who let us see Writer's Week even though English really has nothing to do with gym. Anyways, I'm super pumped to see how the next few days unfold!

I thought that Mary Fons had a great presentation. First off she was so funny, her one story about the receiving room guy had me and all the Fandersons laughing, and her delivery of everything she read was masterful. She also told us about how every writer is a story-teller which I thought was such a great message. Sometimes I feel like I lose the main idea of writing in the process and to be reminded of the main purpose of it by a person at the peak of the writing game was amazing.

So I got the chance to see Taylor Mali perform many poems. First off, his presentation was very loud and clear. That's one plus to his presentation. He was both amusing and worth while watching. My favorite poem he read was 8th "The The Impotence of Proofreading". This poem was absolute hilarious and I really understood what he was trying to convey through this poem. Although some teachers got fired for reading it, its a more humorous way to convey the importance of proofreading. Plus he cursed a lot. I think this was a great way to start off Writers Week.

Day 1 of writers week definitely lived up to its expectations. The different stories had me feeling all different emotions from sad to happy. I really liked the definitions poem that Sarah jones read, it was very unique and had some good humor
I loved all the pieces Mary Fons performed. She was a great story teller and I learned what an oulipo is for the first time! I loved the atmosphere and laughter that went throughout the crowd. It was a great first day of writers week for me and I am looking forward to the next few days!
I must say holy poop! I was very impressed by the performance of those that were in the spotlight! The performance was powerful with meaning and including the pictures only emphasized one of the writer's points. I feel as though each writer was spurred to write about something because of their life events or just wanting to point out some things that relates with them. It was absolutely spectacular!!!
In 1st period English we all saw Mary Fond. Although I thought Writers Week guests were going to talk about how to write but surprisingly, she was very funny and kept us all engaged with her personality and amazing stories. I learnt from her while enjoying the experience.
I saw Taylor Mali my first day of Writers Week and I was blown away by his performance. While he remained very stoic and expressionless while performing, his voice had a certain depth to it that was so rich with emotion and expression and the two aspects only served to heighten my overall experience. He also had a good sense of humor, which was a little surprising from an English teacher. I hope you took notes, Mr. A.

All joking aside, his poems really set the expectations high for Writers Week and I'm excited to see a few other performances this week.
Wow, seeing A.J.Pine was great. Day Three with her was a real fun, and knowing an author used to teach at Fremd is so cool. She inspires me to write part-time when I grow up too. Although she is a public figure, she feels so close. I'm so excited for Day Four!
Mary Fons was fantastic; she was energetic and enthusiastic about sharing her writing with us. This first day of Writer's Week was superb, I enjoyed it a lot and am happy that Writer's Week exists. Fons connected very well with her audience and was able to blend humor with factual and relevant information about her own poems and stories. Writer's Week has been amazing so far and I know that there's more fun in store.
I forgot to post this Monday, but I absolutely loved Taylor Mali. His poem about the gay baby whale was so funny and caual, yet educated t the same time. His way of presenting things is so very intelligent that it's almost intimidating, but it gives me a goal for my presentation skills. I also enjoyed his last poem, The Impotence of Proofreading. This poem made me laugh and despite technically making no sense, it really did convey the message that spellcheck is necessary.


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