Here is the schedule for Monday, February 6, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Monday of Writers Week XXIII!

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Wow! Writers week so far has been so cool! I went first period with my English class, and Mary Fons' performance was superb. I especially liked the creative use of the PowerPoint presentation, and the story at the end was very funny. As a Freshman I now know what all he hype is about, and the next couple of days sure have big shoes to fill, and I can't wait to see some of the student performances.

Mary Fons never disappoints and always comes to Fremd with something new! I hope you get to see her again in the coming years. I guarantee it will be both different and spectacular!

I loved Rebecca Makkai's writing advice 6th hour today. As we are working on our memoirs, her thoughts especially hit home. 

Her advice:

1. She stated that stories need two major changes: somewhere in the beginning and near the climax. 

2. Use the exposition to establish the "normal" of this character/world/story.

3. The rising action is where the writer increases the stakes.

4. Plot matters: External occurrences should built to internal effects. 

5. Remember, a climax isn't necessarily the highest point of action; it is the tipping point and addresses what hangs in the balance. 

Time to put this advice to work! I read tomorrow!

I saw Taylor Mali today in 8th period. Wow. Powerful voice, very loud. I could barely tell when he was reading a poem or talking. His tone was always flowing and hard to follow, but it added a lot to his performance. Also, for a former teacher, I was very surprised by how fluently he used curse words and with out hesitation. That one poem, The The importance of Spell checking, very nice. He gave me a bit of good advice. If there's a good poem, you'll know. You won't have to force it, it'll just happen. And not every poem is going to be amazing. "sometimes, you just have to get the Bull S*** out of your system" -Taylor Mali.
Amazing. The performance put on today by Taylor Mali certainly lived up to my expectations after what I have heard about Writers Week. Taylor was somehow able to make me feel like his whole performance was a poem. At some points I didn't know if he was just speaking to us or if he was reciting a poem. My favorite out of all of his was "Shutup And I Love You". It was one where I think all highschool students including me can relate to. Parents may not always show love but they do.

I liked that poem too, Russell. I think we were all able to think back to things that our parents said to us when we were younger. We may have smiled with nostalgic remembrance or cringed in disgust. Either way, I agree that the poem creates a reaction with its audience. I'm glad you enjoyed Taylor!

Writer's Week today has been so amazing and so full of inspiration. One point I noticed today was that a lot of the writing was inspired by personal experiences rather than just fiction. Examples include the student writers in 3rd hour and Taylor Mali. This made the pieces that were read so full of passion and heart. This inspires me to focus on putting my emotions and feelings into my memoir. I can't wait for the rest of this week! 

Mary Fons was the best woman to start off my first writers week with. She's so funny please bring her back next year.

I went to see Mary Fons first period and I loved it. She puts so much personality into her writing and presenting, and she made me see writing differently. I gained a lot of perspective when she told us about the difference between anecdotes and stories. I also am starting to see writing in more places, like in her introductory power point when she said, "the words you see on the screen/I wrote them/because writing can be many things." I hope she comes back next year!

Mary is a WW favorite. What I love is that she is both a page and stage poet. Yes, her charisma is infectious, but when you get into the nitty gritty of her writing, it's so smart and clever. We'll definitely be having Mary back for many years to come!

In 8th period today I saw Taylor Mali, definitely a great kickoff for me to Writers Week! I loved how he was composed and calm when he was talking to the audience and how he read his poems with such passion. His stage presence and advice with that really helped me to know how to be better when I give speeches in class for the future. I also really enjoyed his piece "My Deepest Condiments" because it shows how even through grief a good laugh can help pull you through that really hard time in your life. I truly am very happy to have been able to see him during Writers Week!

I really liked that poem too, Josie. It made me think how closely linked happiness and sadness are to one another, separated by the smallest of threads. His last line really resonated with me. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week!


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