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Please note that we are on a combined Late Start/Recognition Assembly schedule on Tuesday.  Congratulations to our Girls Gymnastics team! 

This is the bell schedule established by our administration:

Please also note that the time for fifth period is incorrect.  It should say 11:35-12:10. 


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I saw the student presentations fourth period today, and they were all really good! Alaina McCaffrey's "Kiosk stories" were so funny, she presented them really well and I couldn't stop laughing. I liked how she tied in the humor with a good message (try new experiences), because it gave her piece meaning, while still being hilarious. I also liked Aarathi Subramanian's story about Lil Wayne because it was funny but also really relatable.
I attended fourth period student presentations as well. I thought Aarathi Subramanian's story about her encounter with Lil Wayne was hilarious. I can't imagine how shocked she must've been to see her idol in a mall, let alone the underwear section! I probably would've blurted out something similar to what she said.

In addition, I learned many tips from Alaina McCaffrey in her "Kiosk" speech. She delivered the message of trying new things, accepting a multi-racial "family", being brave, staying confident, and having a new perspective.
I saw students during fourth period today. I give major props to Samantha writing that beautiful story about having her ex show up to the wedding of her marrying another man. That piece was great because it makes me think of how I could take that idea and turn it into a movie. I really enjoyed Zoe's story about being lost in Italy because I've always wanted to go to Italy but I don't know what I would do if I was stuck alone. I think my favorite story was Alaina's her story about the mall kiosk and her family and it was so relatable and hilarious. Her's was so well written
I saw JP Brewner speak during 6th period today. He was a very good speaker. The performance was more of an informational/educational. He summarized what his books are about and other details, such as when his second book comes out (April 7) and how many books are in the series. Also, he taught how to write a book and the long process of how to edit it to near perfection and publish it. I did think that some things he told us were useless, as I have no desire to publish a book.
But it was very interesting to get an insight of just how complicated, difficult, and time-consuming it takes to write a novel.
In sixth period today, I recieved helpful information for countinuing and improving my writing strategies. J.P. Brewner, a middle school teacher came in to talk about his writing and his new book that is coming out soon. He informed us about his writing process and what he does to perfect his work. I was astonished after he told us his novel was started from a two page shareable draft! His helpful advice on revision and creativity was inspiring to my own work, giving me hints on how to improve my essays and shareable drafts.
Another great day of performances. My personal favorite was Alaina McCaffrey's. It may be partially because I am friends with her. Even though I knew she worked at the place she does, I never would have guessed that it was anything like she described.
I saw students perform during fourth period today. I loved Alaina McCaffrey's story about her kiosk experience. I had no idea how different it is working there compared to a clothing store or something else. Listening to her present was so funny, I really enjoyed listening to it. Also, Arathi Subramanian's piece about her meeting her idol Lil Wayne was funny. What a coincidence that she met him after trying to beg her parents to let her go see him in concert!
I saw the fourth period students today. All the students were amazing writers and really kept me focused on their story. Samantha wrote a beautiful story about a woman's ex showing up to her wedding, filling her with doubts with her fiancé. The ending appalled me, it was such a creative way to finish a story, leaving the listeners wonder if she actually said, "I do", or if that tiny voice in her head replied "I do" to the question that left her mind racing; does she still love her ex? Aarathi's story did NOT fail to put a smile on my face. I was not expecting her to read about her love for lil Wayne after seeing such a small girl. The entire story made me laugh and want to hear what's next. She is a phenomenal writer and comedian! I loves the entire fourth period today, all the students were amazing writers and speakers.

During 4th Hour, I saw students present their poems and stories. Samantha Barry wrote a great story of a girl who is about to be married, and delivered it well. I loved the octopus love poem that Jillian Marsden wrote. It was great because it seemed like a normal poem until she mentioned the eight arms and singular eye. My favorite story was the Kiosk life that Alaina McCaffrey told. She talked about the crazy coworkers she met who eventually became a second family to her. It promoted the message to try new things and create small communities.

I attended the fourth period student presentations today, and they were all so amazing!  Alaina McCaffrey's "Kiosk stories" were absolutely hilarious.  Her piece was perfect, especially that she was able to make the whole auditorium laugh all while tying the humor into a deeper message,  She showed how her new experiences made her the person she has become.  I also loved the humor in Aarathi Subramanian's story about her obsession with the love of her life, Lil Wayne.  Another extraordinary piece during fourth hour, was Samantha Barry's story about a woman trying to make up her mind about going through with marrying her fiancée when her ex shows up at the wedding.  It was beautiful, and I loved it!

I saw the 6th period presentation by J.P. Brewer on how hard a writer thinks and some helpful insight to anyone looking to become one. Brewer's books, The Trifecta series, sound really cool and I love that he mentioned that it started because of a shareable draft his students and him did together. His many techniques that he uses to try and perfect his visions was also helpful. Some like using "it" and revising his entire story several times shows how writers can be just like high school students when we are doing our papers. He has good days where he can get a lot done and bad days where he can only get a sentence and I love that he brought that acorss. My overall favorite thing he said though, was that your writing is yours. If you dont want to change it, you dont have to.
I saw the student presentation fourth and I must say I fell inlove with two stories one was by Samantha Barry. Her marriage story was very intense. I felt her palms sweating, and hear quickening. It's ties into a lot of girls emotions in the 21st century I believe. The last person I loved was Alaina McCaffrey her story about makeup and having a Makeup family was amazing. It made me laugh and I felt emotions when she said that her family cried when she got accepted to the college of her dreams. I cried as well because I felt what her makeup family felt. Both authors did a famtastic job putting in emotions in their pieces I enjoy it a lot.


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