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Today I saw the students second period, and I liked how Camilla Chee was willing to share what she believed in. I like how she approached it by trying to dispel common stereotypes, and by saying that whether you're feminist or not, it's not about whether you are, it's about cutting to the heart of the issue and addressing the actual problem.
Today, I saw faculty perform during 6th period. I enjoyed seeing the flip side of teachers, seeing them perform to us instead of the other way around. I thought Ms. Fritz's poem was very well-written and her presence was natuaral and elegant. I appreciated Ms. Berdick's piece and how she stepped out of her comfort zone to change up this year's experience. Ms. Dennhardt's speech was humorous and brutally honest. I enjoyed her unique performance and how different it was from all the other performances. And last but not least, I enjoyed Mr. Anderson. He seemed like a natural public speaker and he looked very comfortable on stage. I'm enjoying writers week this year and I'm sad that tomorrow is the last day.
I saw the faculty during 5th period and I thought that they were all very well written. Mr. Dawson's piece about his dad was so meaningful and Mr. Tenopir's talk about growing up in a small town was very entertaining. As Mr. Hogrefe spoke about his brother, I thought that all of his small stories were interesting and his Jimmy Fallon-inspired thank you notes were very entertaining.
I saw Joelle Charbonneau during 4th period today. I recently read The Testing, so I'm glad she talked about the book. It was cool hearing about her journey as an author!
I saw Joelle Charbonneau and enjoyed her backround story and found it very numerous as well. I was able to connect to her style of killing people as I recently finished a book about a serial killer.
Today during sixth period, I saw the some teachers perform, including my own teacher, Mr. Anderson. Each teacher had great pieces, ranging from creative poems, to sad flashbacks, and a 'behind the scene' reflection. Although all these were terrific, I enjoyed Mr. A's with great pleasure. I've noticed that students and teachers have all written about either a true story or something themself had been apart of, however Mr. Anderson's short story was filled with detail and emotions that I could be mistaken that he was the narrator, Cam. Overall, I was intrigued the whole period and can't wait for tomorrow!
Today I saw Joelle Charbonneau during fourth hour, and I really enjoyed her speaking about her journey as an author. She intertwined humor and actual background information. I have not read The Testing, but after hearing Joelle Charbonneau talk about her own novel I know that I absolutely have to!

I went fourth period today to see Joelle Charbonneau. I really liked how her journey to becoming an author was not at all what she expected. Her book seems really interesting since the topic came from her personal experiences with testing. It was cool when she was saying how you don't really need all the things they teach you in school, but mentioned all the different subjects that she used in her book, like science and history. I can't wait to read her book!

Joelle Charbonneau (4th period) was a wonderful singer and speaker, and I enjoyed the fact that she didn't have to read from a sheet. Her interaction with the audience made me feel like I was actually meeting a "unicorn" instead of watching one speak. Her story taught me that life can have many surprises, and that commas really don't matter. Although I can't relate to her dislike for standardized tests, I am more interested in reading The Testing after her presentation.

Today I got to see Joelle Charbonneau during fourth period. Overall, I really enjoyed seeing her. It was a lot of fun because she interacted a lot with the audience, and she was really funny and entertaining. It was interesting hearing her speak about how she became an author. It was inspiring that even though she didn't take many English classes or had a lot of experience, she succeeded in writing and never gave up. After seeing her presentation I really want to read her novel, The Testing!
Today, I got to see Joelle Charbonneau talk about her journey on becoming an author. She explained about how she had no intention in becoming an author and continued her path in music theater and opera. However, she started writing books about what she knew and added some killing which really made her start writing more novels. I learned that you should try new things because you never know if you're going to use it or need it in the future. Hopefully, I get the chance to read her books!
During sixth period today I saw four staff speakers. I loved Madame Fritz's whimsical poem because it fit her personality precisely. She is my french teacher, so she tells us a lot of stories in class and her piece was uniquely her. I enjoyed all four speakers including Ms. Berdick and Ms. Dennhardt, I like how honest Ms. Berdick's story was and how funny Ms. Dennhardt's was. They both connected with the audience very well. As for Mr. Anderson, I thoroughly enjoyed his story, he seemed very comfortable reading his piece and the tones in his voice portrayed his characters very well. His characters also seemed very realistic and relatable.


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