Here is the schedule for Monday, February 24, 2014!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Monday of Writers Week XX!

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Today, the very first day of Writers Week, I was delighted to see a wide variety of writing from the students.  Patrick Haugh an Isiah Sanderman both had extremely powerful lines in their pieces, and both were so talented.  My other favorites during fourth hour were; Hannah Downing and Conner Pozzi.  I admired Hannah's ability to open up about her embarrassing sweet 16 in Disney.  As for Conner, his piece about his love for Arby's was truly memorizing, just like the actual Arby's sandwich he had for display! 

During 4th hour, seven students presented poems and stories. My favorite was Conner Pozzie's piece on a tragic addiction to Arby's told by a middle aged woman. Aside from the female perspective, I think his confusing and misleading piece was relatable. I too share the love for fattening foods and experience food comas and cravings. In the end, the woman drinks bleach and comes to a realization of her addiction. I like how straightforward he was, saying that he had no underlying meanings, he just wrote what was in his head. I think stories can be like that, and can require no analysis to be enjoyed.

During the fourth period performance, I definitely enjoyed listening to Isaiah's poems and Hannah's sweet sixteen story. Isaiah's poems were very thoughtful and unique. Some of the the things he talked about were especially touching or thought-provoking which, to me, is some of the best things about poetry. Hannah's story was cute, funny, but had a side of seriousness. I liked how she tied in a serious message/realization at the end. It gave a point to the story, but it was sweet nonetheless.
During sixth period, I watched Graham Dano take the stage. It was really cool to listen to his story about crossing the border. I laughed so hard when he told the joke about picking up his parents in Canada to bring them over to the United States. I laughed even harder when, afterwards, he told us that he wrote in the part of the guard laughing at his joke. Graham is hilarious and I am glad I was fortunate enough to see him speak. Nicole Ricken also spoke about childhood cancer, and sang a song she wrote about this topic. It was very inspirational and Nicole has a beautiful voice.

The student speeches fourth period today where all very good. While I can't say I like poetry much Patrick and Isiah did a very good job keeping me engaged. All and all though my favorite presenter of the day was Conner Pozzi. It was obvious that he was trying to make the funniest and most entertaining story possible and he succeeded. While I can't say there was much of a moral to it, the change of  pace it offered is what makes writers week so amazing. One presenter could be serious and the next could be as silly as possible, and yet it doesn't feel like either option is out of line. 

During sixth period, I saw Graham, Eric, Nicole, Will, Anusha, Caroline, and Brenna take the stage. While I believe it was two people who did not sing, but instead gave an amazing oral work/speech (Graham and another), the rest also gave some amazing musical displays.

During 6th period, there was a lot of talent everywhere from writing to music. I felt that everyone did an amazing job but I felt Nicole's performance stood out to me. The part that stood out to me was that you should help out if you can in the world and give it what you got. I felt that what she did for the children with cancer was really nice of her and cool too. Also I liked Graham's comedy speech!

Buddy Wakefield was one of my favorite performances of the week. His poetry is so powerful, and I admire that he openly shares his experiences and opinions

Seeing Simone Elkeles was a great start to a great Writers Week XX. She was witty, interesting, and a very down to earth person. Granted her books don't seem like they would suit me, but it was cool to hear a lot about them anyway. 

On Monday of writers week I got to see Buddy Wakefield. His performance was very unique, and he did everything very unexpectedly. I really enjoyed listening to his poems, I am glad I got the chance to see his performance.


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