Here is the schedule for Monday, February 24, 2014!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Monday of Writers Week XX!

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Today I saw the students during 4th period. My two favorite were Patrick Haugh and Isiah Sanderman. They were both funny and both had good poetry. They might be my favorite because I'm bias to poetry, but oh well.
I saw the students today during fourth period as well! I particularly loved Emily Keith's piece, the descriptions in it were beautiful and I liked how she used different descriptions so that you could piece together a story in your mind. I feel like that story had the ability to be a bit different for everyone and that's what made it great!

I was there fourth period too! I loved all the poetry that everyone read today. All the readers were very composed and looked completely comfortable up on stage. I really liked the poems Patrick Haugh read. All of the words fit together really well and it flowed so well too. Sam Corzine hadsome pretty great imagery in the piece that he read. Great job to everyone who read!

Hey Emily,

I agree. Both Patrick and Sam had some great lines that I wrote down. I thought all the students 4th hour did an amazing job. The student presenters continually surprise me with the depth of their writing and understanding. 

Today I saw the students during 6th period. My favorite was definitely Graham Dano. He had the entire audience cracking up, and the best part was when he said, "God bless the USA" at the end. Too funny! Another great performance was by my fellow classmate, Nicole Ricken. Her introduction was heartfelt, and I almost wiped a tear by the end of her song. We need to create more awareness for childhood cancer, and Nicole is doing just that through using her singing talent. Kudos to the both of you, and everyone else that went today.

Graham's piece was awesome! I thought Nicole did an amazing job, too. I'm glad that along with recognizing the amazing musical talent, you were able to take away an important message in the piece. Good stuff 6th hour today.

During 4th period we saw the selection of students give their presentations. The one that stood out to me as my favorite, and based on responses was favorite to others as well, was the story by Connor Pozzi. It was about a person with a severe addiction to Arby's and their mental recovery that came through drinking bleach. The poems that were read by Isaiah and Patrick and other essays were good, but didn't stand out on the level of comedy that Connor's did. All were great performances and I can't wait for tomorrow's set of students.

I about lost it when he pulled out the Arby's sandwich. Very good performance. Writers Week always has great surprises!

Today I had the privilege of seeing students perform during 4th, 5th, and 6th periods as well as the performance poet Buddy Wakefield during 8th. I was blown away by the talent of my fellow students and enjoyed Mr. Wakefield's unique style of poetry reading and just general sharing of thoughts and values. The day as a whole was defiantly humbling and eye-opening. I am looking forward to the rest of the week. 

I saw Buddy too, and man, is he one amazing dude. Putting his incredible talents aside, he really put a lot of thought into answering questions and explaining his ideas to students. I always appreciate Buddy's candor and sincerity when he comes to Fremd. I'm glad you got to see him.

I attended writers week during 6th and 8th period today. Seeing students perform their music acts was inspiring and especially personal as I knew a few of the performers, such as Nicole Ricken and Brenna Knippen. Nicole's piece about finding her place on Earth helping children battle cancer was especially personal because I saw her go through that experience and seeing how much it changed her for the better. Poet Buddy Wakefield was a very entertaining performer and his message was deep and clear. He made his point of happiness and equality clear, exciting, and humorous. Today was a great start to writers week and I'm very excited to see what's in store for us throughout the week.

Today I got the chance to see students perform during sixth period. It was very nice to see students show off their talents, whether it is comedy speeches or musical performances. My favorite performance during the hour would be Nicole Ricken's musical act. It was very touching to hear her journey in helping children battling with cancer. Listening to Nicole's story and her song showed me how important it is to help others. I also enjoyed the other musical performances that I saw today. It was nice to see that some of the songs written by the students were based personal experiences. Phenomenal job to the students who performed today!!!


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