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Fanboys was awesome! Didn't get to see them last year, but will definitely be going the next two years.
I went to 4th period and saw fanboys. They go my mind mr. Randerson on that guitar was amazing who knew someone so teacher like could be so rockstar like. I thought Itmwas also really sweet for what they played for the two teachers. Grad something made my heart shatter it was so pretty and true. Can't wait to see fanboys for two more years, it's a shame I didn't get to see them last year.
Was disappointed that I did not get to see fanboys but I was able to see author Geoff Herbach. He was a very funny guy and he taught us about his crazy path to becoming a writer and how not many people motivated him to achieve his goals.
I heard Geoff Herbach speak today during 6th period. He was very entertaining. I enjoyed his many humorous stories. I have always been nervous for my future, as I am not sure where I wasn't to go to college or what I want to major in and have a career in. However, his stories reassured me that it is okay to know have a clear plan. I really enjoyed his performance; I got a good message out of it along with a good laugh.
Fanboys was amazing as usual! I saw them last year as well and they didn't disappoint this year. I couldn't stop laughing, and I also thought it was really sweet that they did a tribute to a few teachers. Plus, how can you not think that seeing your teacher sing is great?
Today I saw Fanboys! It was awesome, the teachers sounded great, it was also cool to see my English teacher up there singing and playing the guitar! Can't way to see them again next year.
I had a lot of fun fourth periood watching FANBOYS. Mrs. Gerber has an amazing singing voice and Mr. Hays is the perfect falsetto. I appreciate the work they put in outside of school to write the songs and learn them just for our entertainment. Everybody gets into

the music while cheering and laughing. I love the excitement in the auditorium! My favorite song was "Grade Something" with Mr. Anderson and Mr. Hays as the lead singers. Great new lyrics to go along with it as well. For next year, it would be cool to see more teachers added to the band. I enjoyed the performance and I'm interested in seeing it again.

During 4th period today, I saw Fanboys. Who knew teachers had a different side to them! It was so much fun and the lyrics were really funny. I can't wait until next year to see them again! 

Today I saw FANBOYS during fourth hour. They were awesome today! All the teachers were great!! I also saw them last and they were great! I like how they turn actual songs into parodies related to school. It's really funny. During sixth hour, I got to see Geoff Herbach. For the whole hour, I couldn't stop laughing! I really liked his humorous stories. I also liked how he explained his story on how he became a writer. It was very interesting! Great job to everyone who performed today!!!
I attended the 4th period fanboys and I thought it was amazing as usual. Randerson shredded on the guitar and rocked in his singing solo. I think my favorite song was the Kenny is the goetsche or the cover of wrecking ball!
Fanboys was absolutely amazing! I was so glad that I got to see them this year, since I wasn't able to last year. It was so cool to see my own English teacher up on stage, making the whole auditiorium erupt with excitement. Ithought it was so cool how the teachers were able to relate the songs to the students, especially with finals and study hall. I also enjoyed the two songs for Mr. Goettsche and Mr. Anderson. I can't wait to see them next year, and see what other songs they come up with.

The presentation to Mr. Anderson was perfect. The way you could just tell how much he means so many people was amazing to watch and I'm proud I got to experience that! I also got to see FANBOYS during 4th and that was possibly one of the best things I've ever seen, it was beyond creative.


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