Use this space to write about anything that is NOT wrong--anything that is going well or making you happy. We'll celebrate with you!

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What's not wrong is that we had a three day weekend! :) Yeee!

I completely agree! In college, my mom had a really good friend that was an amazing student! Every time they had exams, she always pulled out her skirts and matching headbands and curled her hair and frankly looked adorable! When my mom finally asked her why she tried so hard to look nice the day of a test, her response was "I'm dressing for an A!" I think my mom’s friend and Viviana have it right! If you lead with your best foot forward, there is nothing that stands in your way! You are confident and unafraid of any challenges the day has in store for you!

Viviana Gonzalez said:
What's not wrong with my day is that everything is going right. My formally MIA math book was found roughing it out in the harsh math department; my Ipod decided to actually function and play songs that seemed to fit with my mood or the moment; I was not only able to finish my homework before school ended, but I was able to work ahead as well. I personally think this is because I am dressed, in my opinion, rather well today. It seems to me that I am always dressed well on those days that have happiness at every turn and badly on days that make me want to just curl up in a ball in a corner. Clothing may hold more power on us then we believe. Is it possible that it could influence something like the outcome of a simple day? Maybe it isn't your outfit that determines the kind of day you're going to have. Maybe your outfit you pick out is just a reflection of your mood, and your mood is what determines the way your day will go. Does it really matter? A good day is a good day... and I'm just letting my wannabe-deep-realizations analyze this a little too much. Now off I go to enjoy my unusually happy day.
One thing that isn't wrong is a random act of kindness - whether it be a big or small. Your act will positively affect that person and will mostly likely brighten up their day. Not to mention, it could also make them want to do a random act of kindness too, beginning a chain reaction of goodness.
Hot soup in bed on a cold day during a three day weekend.
What's not wrong is I've finished all my homework BEFORE MIDNIGHT ON A SUNDAY, I've even gotten some work done ahead of time, which was my goal for this weekend. I also had a quality "chill" weekend this weekend. I've recently discovered motivation from within (finally) to try harder than I ever have in school, which I really needed, and then finally, it's a beautiful day out, and I got to spend a lovely past few hours with my mom. :)
What's not wrong is all my stressing has finally paid off. I passed multiple quizzes for multiple classes and i'm feeling highly confident for another day of school tomorrow with multiple more presentations and tests. Also this week happens to contain a late start and a half day, how can it get better then that? With my grades going up and my confidence going up I can enjoy some chips and salsa with ease. It's going to be a pretty good week!

Just took a nap. I feel not-tired for the first time in weeks ( know there is a word that works instead of "not-tired", but I tend to think of everything in terms of tiredness at this point). Plus there's a late start tomorrow!


Also, the weekend was pretty profitable. I made $45 bucks. And kicked some butt in a Super Smash Bros tournament (admittedly I'm not proud of the hours I've put into that game...but we all have things we're not proud of). And wrote some pretty cool tunes at band practice.


I want to say that Viv and Sarah are totally right. If you're rockin' the outfit, you can rock the day.




What's not wrong is that I am pulling down straight A's in school except for a B+ in English. I was doubting my abilities to do really well in school this year but I found that hard work really does pay off and you can achieve tasks that you put your mind to.
What's not wrong is that we sightread an arrangement of songs from Aladdin today in band. Everything is better with a little Disney!
What's not wrong is that since August 23rd, my life has been school and volleyball, and by sacrificing hanging out and sleeping, I have some how managed to keep my grades up. Now that volleyball is over, I have more confidence that I will be able to continue doing well in school for the rest of the year, which is great because I'm a major grades freak!
Whats not wrong is that everyday, I get to ride the most amazing horse in the world and that I have a great family and great friends :)
What's not wrong is that I recently started doing some volunteering. I admit, at first I didn't want to go simply because I was being lazy and didnt want to get out of bed early in the morning. Once I actually started to volunteer, I realized it felt good to help out. I found out that hard work pays off, and in the end I was happy I did it.


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