Use this space to write about anything that is NOT wrong--anything that is going well or making you happy. We'll celebrate with you!

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I got a car about a week ago that wasnt running to well and i replaced a few things and today got it running better than it was and that makes me smile

What's not wrong? I just successfully completed my last Monday of high school. It's and odd feeling, but a relief.

I really haven't focused a lot on what is not wrong in my life, esp this year, so this is pretty weird for me to actually write. I have awesome friends and my sister is home from college and I am making my favorite food right now, so that's all pretty awesome.

Aside from the fact that this week has about 15 tests in it we only have about 2 more weeks of school left. And I'm excited to see what the future holds for me.

I've finally finalized my summer plans after a struggle of 2 months, which feels both relieving and exciting!

American Eagle jeans for $7.50. Can't beat Memorial Day sales. 

Only 6 more regular school days until finals and then summer!

What's not wrong is that Summer is in TEN days!

Whats not wrong is that school is almost over!! (yay summer!!!!) :))) 

For the most part, stress is basically done. 

School's almost over!

This forum is awesome. We spend so much time complaining about our lives (including myself), so it's nice to focus on the positives. We are seven days away from summer vacation and I'm psyched. The sun is finally out and it's warm! I am exhausted from the year, but proud that I made it through. Friday is a half day too!


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