What have you learned from your past speech experiences?  What are your best tips for how to give a speech?  Please share your speech success stories or horror stories.  Let's help each other get even better at this!  Thanks!

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Regionals at cchs last year. Having to memorize a brand new hda in one night. incredibly stressful

NEVER hold onto your ID! It is so tempting and such a big distraction. So if you usually play with it, take it off before your speech so you don't.

If you forget a line, don't fret. Just keep on going in a smooth manner. If you make a mistake, move past it.

Don't look at your friends/individual people! It totally throws you off and then you get distracted or even more nervous.  Sometimes looking at your friends can even make you laugh (nervously?) in the middle of a speech! Believe me, it's happened.

My main issue with speeching is remembering to breathe, so I write my speech, I always allot dramatic pauses in which I can breathe. 

Speak with passion. When you feel that passion, it'll take over your nervousness and you'll be a lot more comfortable and will actually want to be heard!

My first Speech Tournament. I was doing fine at first, but then I forgot it. I just tried to improvise but it didnt really work. I decided to stop and say I was done, so It was an ackward walk back to my seat. I also have the same problem as Lauren that I like to play with my ID, so its definately a good idea to take it off.

1. If you have trouble looking people in the eyes during speeches (which can be really uncomfortable...) look at their foreheads. It for sure looks like you're staring them in their eyes, to the person you're looking at and the person grading you. 

2. Take deep breathes before giving a speech. It helps you get a lot of breathe and calm you down. 

3. Stand up straight. Your posture really matters and can effect you. The straight you stand, the louder you sound.

4. If you fidget a lot, try to focus your energy on something else. Hands shaking? Grab the paper or podium with some force. Switching weight a lot? Focus on keeping your feet planted to the floor and channel your energy into some hand gestures. Oh, and if you're gonna do a hand gesture, go full out. If you hold back, it looks awkward.

Practice your speech infront of a mirror.  Do not be one of those bone-heads that just walk up with no swag and "wing" the whole speech.

Open with a joke. Everyone loves jokes. People feel more relaxed with they laugh and they will be ready to enjoy your speech.

The one thing I always think about before giving a speech is that everyone else in the room has to do it too. Try to remember that the majority of people around you must overcome their nervousness and fear of giving a speech just like you. You are not alone!

I've learned that impromptu and extemp are by far the best speech events. No memorizing. No nerves.

it all starts with overcoming nervousness and shyness, everyone has to give a speech eventually so dont worry about being judged just get up there and let your words fill the ears of your listeners. theres always gana be some anxiety but honestly no one is going to be the best at giving a speech its not like your the president talking to the world. no one can judge you on your speech because most likely they are not going to be much better so if you give that speech and someone says something negative just let them know that at least you had the courage to get up there and give your speech without hesitation and they have no need to hate. 


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