What have you learned from your past speech experiences?  What are your best tips for how to give a speech?  Please share your speech success stories or horror stories.  Let's help each other get even better at this!  Thanks!

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One thing that I find the most helpful when preparing for a speech is to practice multiple nights in a row, this way you become comfortable with what you're saying. I have also learned that not only practicing verbal communications, but also non-verbals is very important; like watching your dancing in place and random hand gestures.

For me, I like to volunteer to go first. It takes away the pressure to be as good as the person before you. You get to set your own standard. Another bonus is you get to relax for a few days while the rest of the class does their speeches. It also helps to practice your speech enough times, but not too many. I've found that if you practice too many times your speech sounds over rehearsed and memorized. Good luck!

Have good eye contact. During speeches, I have a habit of staring at one person. So, I try to look at the wall behind them. It helps me concentrate too. Another important tip is to have plenty of practice beforehand. The more you practice, the better your speech will be. After all, practice makes perfect! 

Usually when I give speeches I look above peoples heads rather than at them. Practicing your speeches beforehand makes it easier to do it in front of your class.


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