I totally understand the idea of getting students to talk about and see how many different things tie into English. However, is this social networking site a useless burden to some students?


Discussing topics is a vital part of English, but why do we do it here when we do that for two out of five days in class? While I know some don't get to say all they want in class due to a lack of time, some don't have much to say. Because of this, they don't know what to make a blog about. I can kind of catch on that the teachers are trying to make this as much as Facebook as possible. But bluntly, that won't happen since this is solely for school. Do you agree? Disagree? Any other ideas?


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I think the concept of the ning is a good one. But, as with many things, the concept did not become a reality. We all use it, but we use it because we have to not because we like it. I remember the ning was first implemented my sophomore year and we all really liked it. I think I checked it sometimes even when I didn't have to. But now it's become a chore, which is a shame. 

Definitely agree here Brenna. Sophomore year, I absolutely loved the Ning and like you, checked it when for fun! Not realy sure why I've lost interest now...

The concept of the Ning is pretty innovative. This is a forum where kids have a little bit more freedom to write about what they want to write about. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but this is a great forum for students who are more timid in class. The Ning gives not only them a chance to voice opinions that they may not voice in class,  but also gives their peers and opportunity to hear them.

I haven't always been a fan of the Ning, but I think "useless burden" might be a bit much. For a lot of kids, I imagine the Ning is a more entertaining way of doing basically the same work they'd be doing otherwise. Aside from that, the Ning has kind of become a hub for Fremd's English community in a way that I don't think could be replicated otherwise. Overall, I think the Ning has been a net gain for Fremd English classes.

I agree with you. I think it is beneficial to a limited extent. It is cool to see different types of writings and opinions but if used too much, it can be a waste of time.
I think the ning is really interesting because you get to read other people's work. However, I also think that many of us go on the ning not for enjoyment but because we are required to.

It's not necessary per se, but it is nice.

Although this can be used as a social networking site, I think that the writing on here outshines the socializing. The Ning made me appreciate my writing more and taught me to be okay with showing what I write to other students and others.

I would rather write a short, three paragraph blog post on the Ning about whatever I want than a three page paper on something I have no interest in and no passion for. I think teachers use the Ning to help us write creatively and express ourselves rather than sitting us down for an hour and having us write essays,

Bold topic! While I get what you are saying, I definitely think the Ning has a purpose. It is a useful platform for students to share ideas, book suggestions and so much more with people outside of their English class, creating room for more opinions and larger discussion. 

I actually really like the concept of the Ning, because instead of writing lame essays, we get to write about things that we like, and then share it with our friends. Who are then forced to comment. But even the commenting thing is kinda cool, because sometimes people actually put thought into it. The conversations may be stilted, but at least they have some sort of meaning behind them. Hopefully. 

Is the Ning Completely unnecessary?

Here I am, browsing a website I haven't visited in about a year, and I see that ever since I left there does not seem to be any activity on the Ning whatsoever. The last comment on this thread dates from 29 May 2014, exactly an year ago. So does the last comment on the 6 Word Memoirs forum thread, the What Isn't Bad about Life forum thread, and the other few top threads here. To put it out there, the Ning is basically abandoned, save for a period of one week when we decide to air Writer's Week live on the front page of the Ning, and even then I believe there is a separate website for that as well, if I remember correctly, an indication that indeed the Ning is completely unnecessary to many who used to frequent this website.

One can compare this Ning to the mighty statue of Ozymandias:

'Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The low and level sands stretch far away'

from Percy Blythe Shelley's 'Ozymandias'


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