I totally understand the idea of getting students to talk about and see how many different things tie into English. However, is this social networking site a useless burden to some students?


Discussing topics is a vital part of English, but why do we do it here when we do that for two out of five days in class? While I know some don't get to say all they want in class due to a lack of time, some don't have much to say. Because of this, they don't know what to make a blog about. I can kind of catch on that the teachers are trying to make this as much as Facebook as possible. But bluntly, that won't happen since this is solely for school. Do you agree? Disagree? Any other ideas?


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I see your point, I would definitely agree that this will never be close with Facebook. I don't think it is necessary, but where as some teachers may view it as a social network my teacher is making it more of a resource. An unnecessary one but still serves a purpose. She post's our class study guides and other worksheets and links of use. Discussing important book issues' for the first time and requiring a response  might be a burden on students but if your teacher posts a  recap of the days discussion that could be helpful. I think more teachers should use it as a resource rather than social networking. 

I sort of agree with Tyler's ideas when it comes to posting on the Ning. But then again I see what the teachers are trying to do by getting students more involved with English discussion by more modern terms instead of using the old methods. But I also find it kind of a hassle posting on the weekly sometimes.

In my mind, the "NING" is completely useless... Our teacher forcibly forces us to post some 15-20 posts on this site. Half the time what we are posting about is completely annoying, useless, boring, or straight up "why am i doing this?". No hate to you guys, but stuff gets really boring on here... We honestly just dont care. It was cool at first when we just started this "two schools blogging together" thing, but now its just DEAD. honestly, it didnt really work to create heavy interactions between these two schools. We posted on your stuff and you didnt post on ours, but i guess that's fine. The blogs bring no interest to me whatsoever simply because they're about books. I hate books with a passion. I used to like them when I was young, but thanks to High school, they've been prostituted into a form of which i can't stand...  The forum on here is the only thing I found interest in and even that is starting to wear out. I'm sorry guys but someone should shut the ning down and get a better forum going open to all people for all topics. Either that or we all quit this website. It was fun while it last for the 1st half of the school year, but now I'm tired of this... 

You fremd kids are cool, and it was nice to meet you, but it's about time this thing ended with the school year...

Unless someone posts something that is like :D :D :D :D funny that will make me cough up my brains from the laughter.... then I might stay...

              It's a little late to complain about the Ning now, don't you think? I doubt that it'll be used again next year (or maybe that's just the hope talking).

              Personally, I don't find any of this blogging or the Ning to be "necessary", fun, or progressive of my education in any special way.  That doesn't, however, mean that it's a bad idea. Your school may  have discussions every other day, but our school has had them twice in the entirety of the school year. The problem isn't that the discussion is done "so often", the problem is that there is nothing to discuss. People are forced to fill a quota of posts, and so in order to fill that quota they leave short posts or random, sometimes shorter topics.

              I think a better system for the ning would be to offer it as bonus points, rather than making it a required part of the curriculum. That way, people who are legitimately interested in talking about literature can have a good grade, those who want a better grade have the opportunity to get it, and anyone who's satisfied with staying away from this sillyness and doing things the old fashioned way can enjoy themselves as well.

I have said it before and I will say it again.  I do not think that we should be required to post our thoughts online for school.  These are here for eternity, and maybe 20 or 30 years from now, I won't want some of my posts to reappear for any reason.  I think because it is such a permanent recording, it should not be mandatory.  On the other side, though, some of the posts are entertaining and it's easy to talk to students from other schools.

I think the Ning is a fun idea to implement thinking and discussion when it comes to literary topics, ideas, etc. However, I am not a fan of the comments requirements that were given to us. Why should we be required to comment on some blogs that frankly, don't have any issues or conflicts associated with them? The standard response is "Good job on this blog, yada yada yada," and that requires practically no thinking whatsoever. I understand that often, you would like to be a part of the discussions on here, but some people may not want to voice their opinions in the comments section. That is all.  

Connor I definitely see your point here. The ning was a great idea, and I really preferred it over any formal writing, but I believe the point shouldn't be to have so many requirements. Right now I'm just flipping through pages to try to find blogs that are relatable to comment on. 

I think Facebook and the Ning completely differ in use.  The Ning is a better way for organization dealing with school work, while Facebook is mainly for entertainment.

I think that this ning is successful. Teachers see that students spend more time on the computer as time progresses. They are just trying to conform to the students rather than push them back to the age before Facebook. I really do think that this is succesful because to some teenagers, the computer is almost a sanctuary. they know how somethings work and I believe that some people rather talk to someone through a computer rather than to their face.


I believe that the ning has been a huge success so far for this year. It gives everyone the opportunity to express whatever they are feeling and hear their classmates discuss the topic among each other. It also showcases the incredible writers we have at Fremd and even outside of Palatine people have logged onto her because of its reputation.

I think that the idea of the ning is cool, and that it's awesome in theory- lots of students interacting online in a positive, English-related way. However, how many of us want to be on here? How many of you do all of your contributions and blog posts the day they're due? I know I'm guilty of that. People only comment on other people's contributions because it's a part of a grade, and I know I feel like it's more forced interaction that many of us (myself included) would rather not participate in. You can tell ning traffic speeds up at the end of each quarter, and all of us are just on here because we have to be, so no, I don't think it's necessary because most of the time it doesn't benefit our English education anyways. It's not really helpful and it's tiring to have to keep participating because we're all made to.

I, personally, dislike using the ning. I don't get much out of it. It's use as a learning utility feels undirected. Each of us having a blog sounds like a great, modern idea, but its execution hasn't gone well. I'm unsure how it benefits us. I don't think it's unnecessary, I just think that its application has been misguided. 


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