Don't you ever get that feeling that you want to rewind your knowledge of what happens at the end of a book and be able to enjoy the story all over again?

This is literally my thought almost everyday. I just want to reread the Harry Potter series without knowing what will happen next! That is the biggest struggle of my life.

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Whenever there's a disappointing end to a series, I always wish I could've unread all of the books in it. Following and becoming emotionally attached to a great story-line for years, only to find that the ending isn't what you hoped for, can be frustrating, and at that point, I just wish I'd never begun the series in the first place. 

I definitely would like to unknow everything about Harry Potter. I didn't read them until last year and I had already known what would happen. I get this feeling a lot about a ton of different books. 

I totally understand the feeling. Especially with books that give me chills, I just want to forget everything about it and re-experience it all over again. 

Yes! Just the other day I told a friend to read a book, Looking for Alaska, because I would love to be able to experience it again for the first time. It's still excellent, but it loses some of that beauty when you're not reading it so eagerly to know what happens. On the other hand, sometimes I feel like rereading books is great because you can appreciate the writing more (to give another John Green example, I recently reread The Fault in Our Stars and I felt like I could appreciate what a great writer he is because I was reading for the book, not the sake of knowing what happens in it).
I wish I could reread The Fault In Our Stars without finding out what happens at the end before I finished reading it. My friend heard I was reading it and thought I had finished when I actually was only a god fifteen pages. It kinda ruined the end for so I was kinda pissed.
I do wish I could go back and read some of my favorites for the first time again. However there is one book, The Red Pyramid, which I read a few years ago, that I wish I could go back and burn because I feel like I never should've picked it up in the first place.
Absolutely, you never get back the first time of reading a great book!


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