Don't you ever get that feeling that you want to rewind your knowledge of what happens at the end of a book and be able to enjoy the story all over again?

This is literally my thought almost everyday. I just want to reread the Harry Potter series without knowing what will happen next! That is the biggest struggle of my life.

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I feel you. Funny books, in particular, tend to lose their luster after several reads. Movies, too. There are some experiences that aren't the same if you know what's coming. 

   Echoing those sentiments of past commenters as well as the post itself, this happens quite a bit, with either music, art, various forms of media as well as specifically literature it becomes fairly common that the book or any form of media will be unable to reach that emotion achieved upon an initial reading than a second or third reading of the piece. 

Regardless, among literature, must I choose to unread a piece, a light novel series detailed further in my own blog posts, for any who happen to be interested, would be my definitive choice. 

I haven't reread a book until I wanted to unread it, but I have wanted to unread a book. There are several books that I truly enjoyed when I read them and they have four or five star ratings in my memory, but I made the mistake of rereading one of these books that I read in third grade. I was appalled and could not understand which part of it made it worthy of five stars. A similar thing happened when I watched Zathura. As a kid, I remember it as incredibly scary with excellent special effects. Last year I rewatched it and laugh at how skewed my memory was. It's mostly practical effects with real objects and very little CGI. I still enjoy it though.

Definitely. Sometimes you read a book/watch a movie so often you can literally guess the next line and it gets annoying after awhile.

Simple, wait. Wait a long time. Then read again. Sure, you will remember bits here and there, but you will likely have forgotten most of the book. Problem being the bits you tend to remember are the important parts, like plot-twists or deaths, since you will deem them important and remember them better. I know I've read the first  5 Harry Potter books, but it's been so long that I barely remember them.

Nice point, Ryan, but the reason I want to be able to "unread" the book is to find out about the plot twist and deaths all over again without knowing beforehand! 

I totally agree. Especially when someone spoils the ending for you before you get to it. -_- 

I was almost done with the Harry Potter Series when my friend thought it would be funny to tell me what happens. I really wish I could have read the ending and found out myself.

Yeah seriously, I don't know if his is just me, but I'm never able to read books more than once (or twice in rare cases) because I remember just enough of the plot to ruin the ending for myself and then I'm not able to get excited about the book because I know exactly what happens! There's always a certain magical feeling when you're first reading a new book where anything can happen and it would be so nice to be able to unread then reread good books.

I totally agree, every time I try to read a book over again the plot isn't same because I know what is going to happen and I pretty much spoil it for myself.  There's nothing better than reading a really good book for the first time especially one with a really good ending.

I agree completely, especially with the Harry Potter books. I'm hoping that if I wait a very long time to read them again then I'll forget all the details. Unfortunately, I will probably remember the major parts. That's what makes them such great books though. They're unforgettable.

I've definitely felt this way, too. It's never the same reading it a second time. I've never read the Harry Potter series, but I definitely feel this way about The Fault in Our Stars, or The Hunger Games series.
Definitely. I also wish that I could forget it when someone tells me an important event in the book before I have read it. There is nothing like the first time reading a book and being surprised with every plot twist!


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