As most of you know, I am a supporter of proper grammar in America. Grammar and spelling mistakes are what I like to call the bane of my existence... because it sounds cool. Much to my utter dismay, I witness a plethora of simple, but tragic spelling/grammar mistakes every single day. But, of the abundance I see, there is always one straw that breaks the camel's back. Would you like to know what that is?

PEOPLE MISSPELLING DEFINITELY. It's without a doubt the most frustrating and most common grammar mistake that I experience. What is it that's so difficult to comprehend about the proper spelling of definitely?!

So, now it's time for me to urge you to comment on my forum post! Of all of the grammar mistakes that could possibly be made, are there any mistakes that make you just want to jump out your window, then crawl back inside and jump out of it again? I'm BEGGING YOU to comment and let me know! ♥

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"Defiantly" is the most HORRIBLE misspelling of "definitely," hands down. Not only is it an entirely different word, but you wouldn't ever end up with "defiantly" if you were, oh, I don't know, sounding it out?

Anyways, I have a problem with misusing the word "literally," because it literally makes me want to correct their grammar and figuratively makes me want to punch a kitten. 

(I agree that the light green is to read, but using Comic Sans probably isn't the best option.)

Definitely is a word used to spell wrong all the time. I used to spell it "definantly" then "definately", but now I spell it correctly. Then one grammar mistake I really dislike is using "your" when you're supposed to use "you're".

Haha, this is actually a pet peeve of mine. It really bothers me when people spell "weird" as "wierd" also. I always point it out because it's just that necessary.

That really annoys me too! I have a problem with the misspelling of the word "tomorrow". It really annoys me when people spell it "tomarrow". I think I have a problem with that word because it is used so much. You would think after that person sees the correct spelling hundreds of times they would learn the right spelling. I think people have a problem spelling because phones, computers, and spell check correct everything for people. I don't think people even think about spelling anymore because spell check is so easy to use. 

It also bugs me when people say or spell things wrong. (Now I'm really paranoid that I'm going to spell something wrong in the comment...) I feel bad for my friends because they're probably sick of it, although some of them do too. Although I can't say I always spell definitely right..

Personally I am really bad with spelling and I spelled definitely wrong earlier today.

I have ALWAYS despised grammar, though I do recognize it's importance, and was never a very good speller. My spelling has actually improved tremendously over the last couple years, since I've stopped having to take spelling tests and teachers have started making me type more. I honestly think it's mostly due to autocorrect and the fact that it immediately shows me the correct way to spell something after I've misspelled it. I'm still not too great at it, though and I'm really quite bad at grammar. I'm more about big ideas than finite details. As long as I get the message across I'm good.

I can never really get definitely right. Thank god I'm doing this on my iPad or it would have been messed up again. But anyways,I'm not huge on spelling and grammar, if you can get your point across, it's probably good enough. And now, in the days of spell-check and auto correct, who really knows how to spell anyways? :P

Oh this word... I would always add an a somewhere and then look at my writing and think that something is wrong. I used to be so picky about spelling and made sure I got it right but now I'm always writing so fast that even though I know I spelled it wrong I just go with it. It's probably not the best idea because now I think more than I have to to spell. DEFINATELY is how I used to spell it and sadly sometimes I still do.

Bad spelling doesn't bother me too much but the word always does stick out.

I definitely agree with you. Spelling mistakes bother me so much. “Your” and “you’re” definitely bother me the most and also when people type “rediculous” and not “ridiculous”. For some reason, misspelled words annoy me all the time. I always find myself correcting people and they always get annoyed with me. I try to stop correcting people, but I think that spelling is important. To be honest, I am not that into English, but when it comes to spelling errors, I get so frustrated. 

Spelling errors make me very mad, especially when people say "your" when they should be saying "you're" or they say "there" when they should be saying "their". It is not too hard to remember  the  difference between those little words so it confuses me why so many people use them wrong, and honestly it frustrates me too.  Especially when texting, people think it is okay to use bad grammar but it bothers me. I try to always use commas and apostrophes even while texting because otherwise it can be challenging to understand. But I do agree, when people spell "definitely" wrong, it bothers me the most!

I am a victim of very bad grammar as well as spelling. It is a curse only auto correct can fix which sucks because this site does not have spell check. I have tried to learn to be a better speller but it doesnt really work for me. You could give me 10 tries to spell definitely and I would still not be able to do it. The only reason I did it there was because I looked up at the post. So I know this may be frustrating for you to see these errors, trust me it annoys me too, but it is equally frustrating for those making the mistakes too.


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