The best ways to prepare for the ACT +Writing test are to read when you don't have to, attend the ACT practice sessions offered at school, and read the chapter "Writing for the ACT and SAT" from Expository Composition: Discovering Your Voice, located right here for your convenience. -->

I'm not kidding about that reading for fun business. Studies show that students who read for enjoyment on an almost daily basis have the highest reading and writing scores on standardized tests. You can't trick those tests. If you're a reader, you'll do fine. Get a book or magazine that looks enjoyable and spend some time reading it today and tomorrow.

In the meantime, attached below are the PowerPoints for the ACT strategies presentations used in some English classes. Feel free to review them about a million times.

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Thank you so much for this post Mr. Anderson! It was enlightening and helpful. I wish i had discovered it a couple of weeks back before I took the actual ACT, but it will serve helpful for future retakes nevertheless. You can never have too much practice and preparation for such a mentally exhausting test as the ACT. Thanks again!

The key is to study as hard as possible for the math test. It's the only one you can really study for. Just troll your way through the rest...

Trust me, I got a 37 on my ACT this way....

I hate these tests and dread them.  All of them.  All the standardized tests we have had from grade school through high school - that we had to take - really just annoyed and continue to annoy me because I am not a standardized test taker.  I also hate cramming.  Pretty much, I do the work everyday for every class and this is the way I learn.  Cramming and trying to get it all in your head in a short time doesn't work well for me.  I will say, though, that it is good that there are prep classes for those who want to take them.  If I can make it without them though, that is how I'll continue to be.  I do agree, though, that people who read for fun do have an easier time.

there is no possible way to prepare yourself. in the english section, half of the multiple choice answers they give you are technically "grammatically correct." the reading is so boring that it is nearly impossible to focus. the science section will give you a series of indiscernible graphs. good luck  


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